‎"Had a Blast at the Sunset Grill Show 10/14/17 .... The Worlds Best Allman Brothers Tribute. True to form. Close your eye's and listen. You will hear Classic Allman Brothers Come to Life!"

​~Al V

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MJO live at Tanner Park 8/3/18

  • Done Somebody Wrong4:36
  • Revival4:29
  • Jessica9:01

New York's Premier Allman Brothers Tribute Band

10/5 Sunset Grill– 9:30pm
1068 Sunrise Hwy, Seaford 

10/6 Blue Point Brewery 3pm
161 River Ave, Patchogue, 

11/23 Sunset Grill– 9:30pm
1068 Sunrise Hwy, Seaford 

The Allman Brothers Band was one of America’s most unique and inspiring bands.  While incorporating the American genres of Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock and Roll they had a special way of connecting with people and creating an atmosphere of unity. 

Formed in 2014, Mountain Jam Orchestra has dedicated itself to authentically recreating the sound and overall vibe of an Allman Brothers Concert.  In the past 4 years we have built an enthusiastic fan base of people that share our love for the music Allman Brothers Band.  We strive to keep the show fresh and entertaining while delivering what hard core Allman Brothers fans would expect and to entertain those who might be familiar with the Allman Brothers from a Classic Rock Radio perspective.  Our goal, everyone has a good time. 

​​"Seriously, that had to be one of the best versions of Elizabeth Reed I’ve ever heard. Actually, in some ways the guitar solos were even closer than some I’ve heard Warren and Derek play. It was really crazy - at times, it felt like hearing the original ABB."

Mountain Jam Orchestra